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Compaq Extended Math Library

The Compaq Extended Math Library (CXML) is a set of computationally intensive mathematical subroutines that are optimized for the Alpha platform.

CXML includes subroutines covering the areas of:

Most routines are available in both real and complex versions, as well as in both single and double precision.

For further information, select a CXML subcomponent from the following table, or refer to the CXML Index of Routines.

CXML Subcomponents

array-math routines - Standard math functions operating on arrays
blas1 routines - Vector-vector linear algebra subprograms
blas1e routines - Enhancements to BLAS 1
blas1s routines - Sparse version of BLAS 1
blas2 routines - Matrix-vector linear algebra subprograms
blas3 routines - Matrix-matrix linear algebra subprograms
LAPACK routines - Dense linear system solvers and eigensolvers
iterative-solver routines - Sparse iterative linear system solvers
direct sparse solver routines - Direct solvers for symmetric matrices
signal-processing routines - FFTs, cos/sin transforms, convolution, correlation, filters
random-number routines - Random number generator subprograms
sort routines - Sort subprograms
Sciport routines - Sciport subprograms
parallel routines - Parallel version of CXML library

Parallel Routines

CXML includes a parallel version of the library for SMP configuration. The parallel CXML library is only available on platforms that support SMP, including Tru64 Unix. Refer to the CXML Parallel Library page for information about the CXML parallel library.

Compiling and Linking with CXML

For information about how to compile and link your program with CXML for the Fortran and C languages from various platforms, refer to the Compiling and Linking page. This page also gives and example of how to link with the CXML parallel library.

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CXML Release Notes and Readme files, located in:


Examples illustrating the use of CXML, located in:



Compaq Extended Math Library Reference Guide
LAPACK User's Guide, E. Anderson, et al., SIAM

CXML Home Page

Index of CXML Routines