10.3. After Installation

After installing the httpd package, the Apache HTTP Server's documentation is available by installing the httpd-manual package and pointing a Web browser to http://localhost/manual/ or browse the Apache documentation available online at http://httpd.apache.org/docs-2.0/.

The Apache HTTP Server's documentation contains a full list and complete descriptions of all configuration options. For the convenience, this chapter provides short descriptions of the configuration directives used by Apache HTTP Server 2.0.

The version of the Apache HTTP Server included with Red Hat Linux includes the ability to set up secure Web servers using the strong SSL encryption provided by the mod_ssl and openssl packages. When looking through the configuration files, be aware that it includes both a non-secure and a secure Web server. The secure Web server runs as a virtual host, which is configured in the /etc/httpd/conf.d/ssl.conf file. For more information about virtual hosts, see Section 10.8 Virtual Hosts. For information on configuring a secure server virtual host, Section 10.8.1 Setting Up Virtual Hosts. For information on setting up an Apache HTTP Secure Server see the chapter titled Apache HTTP Secure Server Configuration in the Red Hat Linux Customization Guide.


Red Hat, Inc. does not ship FrontPage extensions as the Microsoft™ license prohibits the inclusion of these extensions in a third party product. More information about FrontPage extensions and the Apache HTTP Server can be found online at the following URL: http://www.rtr.com/fpsupport/.