A.2. CD-ROM Module Parameters


Not all of the CD-ROM drives that are listed are supported. Please check the Hardware Compatibility List on Red Hat's website at http://hardware.redhat.com to make sure the device is supported.

Even though parameters are specified after loading the driver disk and specifying the device, one of the more commonly used parameters hdX=cdrom (where X corresponds to the appropriate drive letter) can be entered at a boot prompt during installation. This is allowed since it effects IDE/ATAPI CD-ROMs, which are already part of the kernel.

In the following tables, most modules listed without any parameters can either be auto-probed to find the hardware or will require manual changes to settings in the module source code and a recompile.

ATAPI/IDE CD-ROM Drives hdX=cdrom
Aztech CD268-01A, Orchid CD-3110, Okano/Wearnes CDD110, Conrad TXC, CyCDROM CR520, CyCDROM CR540 (non-IDE)aztcd.oaztcd=io_port
Sony CDU-31A CD-ROMcdu31a.ocdu31a=io_port,IRQ OR cdu31a_port=base_addr cdu31a_irq=irq
Philips/LMS CDROM drive 206 with cm260 host adapter cardcm206.ocm206=io_port,IRQ
Goldstar R420 CD-ROMgscd.ogscd=io_port
ISP16, MAD16, or Mozart sound card CD-ROM interface (OPTi 82C928 and OPTi 82C929) with Sanyo/Panasonic, Sony, or Mitsumi drivesisp16.oisp16=io_port,IRQ,dma, drive_type OR isp16_cdrom_base=io_port isp16_cdrom_irq=IRQ isp16_cdrom_dma=dma isp16_cdrom_type=drive_type
Mitsumi CD-ROM, Standardmcd.omcd=io_port,IRQ
Mitsumi CD-ROM, Experimentalmcdx.omcdx=io_port_1,IRQ_1, io_port_n,IRQ_n
Optics storage 8000 AT "Dolphin" drive, Lasermate CR328Aoptcd.o 
Parallel-Port IDE CD-ROMpcd.o 
SB Pro 16 Compatiblesbpcd.osbpcd=io_port
Sanyo CDR-H94Asjcd.osjcd=io_port OR sjcd_base=io_port
Sony CDU-535 & 531 (some Procomm drives)sonycd535.osonycd535=io_port

Table A-1. Hardware Parameters

Here are some examples of these modules in use:

ATAPI CD-ROM, jumpered as master on the second IDE channelhdc=cdrom
non-IDE Mitsumi CD-ROM on port 340, IRQ 11mcd=0x340,11
Three non-IDE Mitsumi CD-ROM drives using the experimental driver, io ports 300, 304, and 320 with IRQs 5, 10 and 11mcdx=0x300,5,0x304,10,0x320,11
Sony CDU 31 or 33 at port 340, no IRQcdu31=0x340,0 OR cdu31_port=0x340 cdu31a_irq=0
Aztech CD-ROM at port 220aztcd=0x220
Panasonic-type CD-ROM on a SoundBlaster interface at port 230sbpcd=0x230,1
Phillips/LMS cm206 and cm260 at IO 340 and IRQ 11cm206=0x340,11
Goldstar R420 at IO 300gscd=0x300
Mitsumi drive on a MAD16 soundcard at IO Addr 330 and IRQ 1, probing DMAisp16=0x330,11,0,Mitsumi
Sony CDU 531 at IO address 320sonycd535=0x320

Table A-2. Hardware Parameters Configuration Examples


Most newer Sound Blaster cards come with IDE interfaces. For these cards, do not use sbpcd parameters; only use hdX parameters (where X corresponds to the appropriate drive letter).