Intel® Math Kernel Library 7.0
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This page lists all documents included with the Intel® Math Kernel Library (Intel® MKL) package, provides links to them and outlines the type of information that you can find in each of these documents.

Document Name File Name Type of Information in the Document Comment
Intel MKL Release Notes mklnotes.htm Information about this release and how to use the library with various compilers. Includes:
  • Overview
  • New in Intel MKL
  • System requirements
  • Compiler support
  • Installation
  • Directory structure
  • Known limitations
  • Technical support
For details about the compiler and linking options, threading and memory management with Intel MKL, see Intel MKL Technical User Notes document.
Intel MKL Reference Manual mklman.pdf Contains detailed descriptions of the functions and interfaces for all library domains:
  • BLAS
  • ScaLAPACK 1)
  • Sparse Solver
  • Vector Math Library (VML)
  • Vector Statistical Library (VSL)
  • DFTs and FFTs


For implementation-specific information about the library, see Intel MKL Release Notes and
Intel MKL Technical User Notes
For performance information on VML and VSL functions, see VML Notes and VSL Notes documents, respectively.
Intel MKL Quick Reference mklqref/index.htm An abbreviated guide, describing the interfaces to all  functions in Intel MKL For detailed descriptions of functions' arguments and behavior, see the Intel MKL Reference Manual.
VML Notes vmlnotes.htm A brief discussion of the Vector Math Library (VML) functions with links to performance details of the functions. For descriptions of VML functions API, see the respective chapter of the Intel MKL Reference Manual.
VSL Notes vslnotes.pdf A discussion of basic and distribution Random Number Generators used in the Vector Statistical Library (VSL) and their test results. For descriptions of VSL functions API, see the respective chapter of the Intel MKL Reference Manual.
Intel MKL Technical User Notes mkluse.htm Discusses inter-language issues, compiler issues, linking options, memory management, and how to set the number of threads used by multithreaded routines.  

1)ScaLAPACK software is included only with the Intel® Cluster MKL product.

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