SLATEC Common Mathematical Library -- Table of Contents

SECTION I. User-callable Routines
Category Z. Other

          AAAAAA-A  SLATEC Common Mathematical Library disclaimer and version.
          BSPDOC-A  Documentation for BSPLINE, a package of subprograms for
                    working with piecewise polynomial functions
                    in B-representation.
          EISDOC-A  Documentation for EISPACK, a collection of subprograms for
                    solving matrix eigen-problems.
          FFTDOC-A  Documentation for FFTPACK, a collection of Fast Fourier
                    Transform routines.
          FUNDOC-A  Documentation for FNLIB, a collection of routines for
                    evaluating elementary and special functions.
          PCHDOC-A  Documentation for PCHIP, a Fortran package for piecewise
                    cubic Hermite interpolation of data.
          QPDOC-A   Documentation for QUADPACK, a package of subprograms for
                    automatic evaluation of one-dimensional definite integrals.
          SLPDOC-S  Sparse Linear Algebra Package Version 2.0.2 Documentation.
          DLPDOC-D  Routines to solve large sparse symmetric and nonsymmetric
                    positive definite linear systems, Ax = b, using precondi-
                    tioned iterative methods.