SLATEC Common Mathematical Library -- Table of Contents

                       SLATEC Common Mathematical Library
                                  Version 4.1
                               Table of Contents
This table of contents of the SLATEC Common Mathematical Library (CML) has
three sections.
Section I contains the names and purposes of all user-callable CML routines,
arranged by GAMS category.  Those unfamiliar with the GAMS scheme should
consult the document "Guide to the SLATEC Common Mathematical Library".  
Section II contains the names and purposes of all subsidiary CML routines,
arranged in alphabetical order.  Usually these routines are not referenced
directly by library users.  They are listed here so that users will be able
to avoid duplicating names that are used by the CML and for the benefit of
programmers who may be able to use them in the construction of new routines
for the library.
Section III is an alphabetical list of every routine in the CML and the
categories to which the routine is assigned.  Every user-callable routine
has at least one category.